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121cast | Disrupting radio through personalisation

121cast Logo Website »

121cast is a mobile app that delivers a personalised audio feed made up of your news, calendar, weather, social network updates, music and podcasts. This personal radio station allows you to save time, be kept up-to-date and entertained as you consume information during those times you can’t access a screen such as getting ready in the morning, driving to work or walking. Recently we launched SoundGecko a service powered by the technology behind 121cast that allows users to listen to web articles, RSS feeds and documents on the go. Try it now at

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17Dynamics | Mobile, Social Video Q&A Platform

17Dynamics Logo Website » is a mobile application connecting people who need help to those with the expertise to provide it. users ask video questions and receive instructional or descriptive video content in reply for ‘Help me I’m stuck’, ‘What are my options’, and ‘What should I do next’ scenarios common across the government services, DIY, how-to, maintenance and servicing, and professional services domains. The platform allows users to highlight and annotate videos in real time to better detail the problem at hand. When responding, experts use the web based backend to provide additional annotations and video content.

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Brainworth | Addictive online computer science education

Brainworth Logo Website »

Online computer science education is set to take the world by storm, but suffers from high user drop-off rates. Current providers have scaled content, but failed to scale engagement, with users leaving once the novelty wears off. Brainworth uses psychology and immersive game design to make users addicted to learning. High engagement is delivered by tailoring a self paced personalised curriculum to each user which we present in a visually rich social game world. We use the computer science skills players have demonstrated in games to match them with jobs, charging employers a fee to supply them with qualified applicants.

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Brand Honee | A film festival for your brand

Brand Honee Logo Website »

Brand Honee is Australia's first video crowdsourcing platform for brands seeking fresh ad content from great talent. Brand Honee is built on a community of creatives; anyone talented, both amateurs and professionals. We host competitions for brands with video content needs. Creatives submit videos based on the competition briefs. The best videos win cash. Brands get amazing video content from dozens of executed ideas. Brands get grass roots marketing when creatives push completed branded videos via their personal networks. In addition to cash incentives, creatives get exposure and recognition in a highly competitive market while building their portfolio and professional networks

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Carepod | Show you care from wherever you are

Carepod Logo Website »

When a loved one is in need and you need to have a simple way to connect to family and friends, Carepod can help . You can post updates as frequently as you like on the secure Carepod website to let people know what is happening and how they can help. Carepod will help you administer tasks, schedules and calendars without the need for clumsy texts, group emails and a mounting message bank. Members of your pod can post messages of support, view appointments and contribute to rosters and visitor schedules.

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Cartexian | Shared Forecast Hosting in the Cloud

Cartexian Logo Website »

Cartexian is Sydney based technology company. We aim to produce web applications that meld social and enterprise paradigms. We currently have several customers signed up for our flagship product, Forecast Viewer (, which provides a platform for cloud based outcome forecast sharing and collaboration. Sales forecasts, inventory levels, website views, social media metrics and much more can be collaboratively forecast via a variety of interfaces using Forecast Viewer.

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Clarios Technology | Innovative, User Friendly Document Automation

Clarios Technology Logo Website »

The Simplify document automation system allows business users to quickly and easily automate any Microsoft Word document. A customized document can then be generated from the answers to a series of questions. Simplify allows businesses to save money by benefiting from significant reductions in the time taken to prepare complex business documents, a large reduction in the risk of errors in these documents, and allowing documents to be safely created by non-specialist staff. Clarios Technology is passionate about business productivity and Simplify is the first in a suite of products to power business efficiency through technology.

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CloudHerd | Cloud livestock inventorying and auction system

CloudHerd Logo CloudHerd will be a business that offers value for livestock sellers and producers by providing advanced inventorying systems and auctions that interface with current legal requirements, such as the NLIS in Australia. It will provide the in depth features necessary to move a lot of the inspections and other typical livestock transaction business tasks online. Put simply, it will take livestock trading and information into the 21st century.

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Giftcon | A new way to convey your love

Giftcon Logo Website »

Next generation of mobile commerce! A digital merchandising of coffee, bakery, Burger, Ice cream, Pizza, a movie ticket, a book, gift voucher and more. Customers will be able to send a Giftcon to their friend(s) by selecting the desired product either in the Giftcon Applications or from the Giftcon website. Then, the selected Giftcon will be sent to your friend’s Smartphone in the form of a bar code via MMS and will be redeemed at a store after a simple authentication process.

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GimmeQuotes | Cloud-based sales & marketing for tradies

GimmeQuotes Logo Website »

GimmeQuotes is an online platform that connects consumers with the right tradesperson at the right price. We take the pain out of finding a service provider. For businesses we are a consistent source of high qualified leads, where they only pay if they successful in winning work. We're now moving beyond lead generation, providing tradies the tools for lead management and lead conversion - saving them time and increasing their profitability.

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goParcel | 24/7 Parcel Delivery Service

goParcel Logo Website »

goParcel is a virtual courier network of third party taxis and courier drivers based on our innovative mobile software application. We provide a parcel delivery service that meets the needs of the parcel receiver & sender by providing after hours and weekend deliveries. goParcel is a live GPS smart phone / web application to tender, book, pay and track drivers and our clients’ parcels in a simple, quick and convenient form 24/7.

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Intelligent Fleet Logistics | Profit maximisation through customer optimisation

Intelligent Fleet Logistics Logo Website »

Is your revenue good revenue? To answer this you must understand the impact of customer relativity and interdependency on the company’s profitability. Until recently this has been impossible to analyse. Intelligent Fleet Logistics analytics incorporates improvement in computer mapping, mobile devices and artificial intelligence techniques, to maximize profit through improved understanding of individual company gross profit profile and the impact of individual customer characteristics on total profitability. Customer size, pricing profile, delivery frequency, vehicle access and delivery windows not only impact individual customer profitability, but also dynamically impact total profitability. Intelligent Fleet Logistics analytics is the only solution capable of using routing and scheduling optimization to maximize profit through analysing all combinations of customer characteristics including pricing and location.

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iSwimtoo | The Global Social Network for Swimmers

iSwimtoo Logo Website »

iSwimtoo will be the world's friendliest brand for connecting people through swimming - the world's most participative healthy activity. iSwimtoo provides tools to allow swimmers of any standard to: » discover and share places to swim
» find people and pods to swim with
» record, share and compare their swimming activities

iSwimtoo will develop the world's most valuable database of swimmer information. We will enable swimmers to connect with brands that meet their needs based on their behaviour. Our initial target markets are Australia, USA and UK where swimming is the number 1 overall healthy activity for males, females and the disabled.

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JoinSomeone | Meet like-minded people for fun activities

JoinSomeone Logo Website »

JoinSomeone is a personalised activity noticeboard to meet people 1-on-1 or in a small group. It’s a great way to discover and connect with people locally, just name the activity you want to do: sports, music, or food. Whatever it is, there is someone nearby interested in it too!

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LoadMax | Load and maximise empty space

LoadMax Logo Website »

LoadMax's central purpose is to create a market place, via an online auction, for users to transport their bulky goods across Australia at a discounted rate. The service is about creating a win-win situation for both the customer and the transport provider, by discounting the cost to move items, whilst transport providers fill their loads and earn extra revenue.

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Open Learning | Enjoy teaching, love learning & help others

Open Learning Logo Website »

OpenLearning was founded to revolutionise e-learning through an innovative teaching platform that focuses on collaboration, student centred education and gamification techniques to motivate students. Founded by award winning UNSW lecturer Richard Buckland and software engineer Adam Brimo; OpenLearning has already been trialled by UNSW, USYD and the Sydney Writer's Centre by over 1200 students. With over 2 million page views during the trials, students spent more time on OpenLearning than facebook while engaging with their courses. OpenLearning now enables people worldwide to teach public courses for free while charging organisations for running private courses on the platform.

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Percepscion | Technology to better use energy resources

Percepscion Logo Website »

Percepscion is an Australian technology company specialising in delivering innovative Smart Energy solutions that help utilities and consumers better use and manage our valuable energy resources. At the heart of Percepscion is the Smart Energy Platform which underpins a suite of devices and systems, including: · PowerVu, a home electricity monitor designed to provide consumers with information about their power usage. · FireVu, a fridge magnet that provides householders in bushfire prone areas with accurate and timely fire danger forecasts tailored to their area. · ChargeIQ, an electric vehicle charging terminal. · Percepscion Hub, an energy data visualisation suite. Percepscion also offer consulting services which have helped our utility clients deliver innovative smart energy solutions

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RentingSmart | We'll Help You Avoid Landlord Nightmares

RentingSmart Logo Website »

RentingSmart is the leading online property management solution for small-to-medium sized landlords, providing professional tools and resources, that have until now, been exclusive to real estate agents. We help to increase a landlord's knowledge, and reduce the stress and risks associated with self-managing.

» Avoid maintenance disasters - promoting simple tenant communication - find out about the leaking tap before you have a flooded bathroom
» Eliminate the avalanche of (or lost) paperwork. Access all your receipts and documentation from anywhere, any time
» Stop reconciling bank statements, or chasing tenants for rent payments - professional rent collection as used by real estate agents including automated invoicing, receipting and late notices.
» Comply with all laws and regulations with advice from our Landlord Guru.

We'll help you avoid landlord nightmares.

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See-Out | Online photo discovery using face recognition

See-Out Logo Website »

CeeQ uses facial recognition technology to automatically find photos of you posted online. We will notify you and provide options so that you can manage and craft your online reputation. You can further search for photos containing yourself and/or friends to create and share "smart albums" which get dynamically updated over time as new photos matching the criteria are found. The system is based on award-winning facial recognition technology developed at NICTA.

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thubit | The Travel Social Network

thubit Logo Website »

Imagine a truly innovative Travel based social platform that consolidates a huge array of travel services and provides the user an all encompassing tool with the singular purpose to Simplify Travel. Thubit is an exciting new on-line presence that aggregates numerous existing travel-related services into the one web portal, then adds social networking and event booking and sharing capabilities to create an all-encompassing travel experience. Thubit is a global model, customer not industry centric, thereby disrupting the current fragmented service offering, incorporating a gammification engine to reward our customers and ensure site stickiness. Thubit is the new face of travel.

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Triplebackup | First scalable service eliminating SMB downtime

Triplebackup Logo Website »

Offering SMBs the first online image (bare metal) backup service that works well over an existing Internet line. It works on physical, virtual, and hosted computers. It reduces rebuild time from days to hours. It protects the entire computer: OS, applications, drivers, settings and data. A client can instantly self-recover files from their image backup, typically this takes an IT professional hours. Virtual Failover from the backup of the physical, virtual or hosted computer(s) enables clients to bring up a clone of their computer in the Cloud within minutes. We developed and own the IP. We have clients and interest from Resellers, data centres, and a telco.

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Vero | The Mixpanel for Email

Vero Logo Website »

Vero allows online eCommerce and SaaS businesses to send targeted emails to their customers by tracking what they do and don't do on their websites. A simple example could be following up a customer two days after they add a product to their cart but don't checkout. Event-based email allows businesses to improve their email marketing and deliver more targeted messages that increase user conversion, retention and customer satisfaction.

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YepGot | Communities Sharing, Making cash, Protecting planet

YepGot Logo Website »

Yepgot’s vision is to change the way the world consumes. Our houses are full of stuff we never, or rarely, use because when we need something, often our only option is to buy it new. This is a waste of money, a waste of the earth’s finite resources, and creates unnecessary pollution. Yepgot is creating a marketplace where you can share (rent out) items you have in your garage or around home to help out others and make some cash. OR borrow what you need, when you need it, at p2p prices rather than buying or renting from large companies.

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