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Buzzy.IO Logo


Multi-screen games for live audiences
Buzzy.IO is the App & Cloud Service that turns iPhone & Android SmartPhones into wireless social remotes & game controllers.

Our technology enables crowds of people to connect to digital screens and others via our free SmartPhone app and service at live events & venues.

It delivers a scalable social gaming experience & allows real engagement between brands and audiences at these live events & venues.

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CloudHerd Logo


Internet livestock sales and management
We make a cloud platform that links livestock management tasks with web auctions to provide a seamless and attractive experience. No longer will livestock auctions resemble unfortunate hybrids of eBay and Craigslist, as one click auction functionality will automatically create standard formatted auctions from inventory entries. It provides the in depth features necessary to move a lot of the inspections and other typical livestock transaction business tasks online.

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Composeright Software Logo

Composeright Software

Re-writing the way we write
Composeright Software is developing and commercialising a cloud-based wiring platform under the name ComWriter. ComWriter is a fully-featured, cloud-based writing platform for academics, students and business people that integrates disparate technologies (library, referencing, writing, publishing) to enable efficient and productive researching, writing and publishing to academic standards using modern tools and pre-defined styles (patent pending)

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GreenDrive Logo


Automotive Cleantech, Increases Efficiency, Reduces Emissions
GreenDrive is a patented device, the size of a matchbox that helps cuts fuel use and emissions by up to 25%. GreenDrive can 'see' energy and emissions, it learns a cars efficiency characteristics and gives real time feedback that trains drivers to drive in the efficiency sweetspot. The primary problem that GreenDrive addresses is petrol price pain and small scale trials have shown reductions in fuel consumption in the 10-25% range. Based on these results the average car owner stands to save about $500 per year in fuel costs. Nationally this equates to a potential $5.7 billion saving and an 8 billion tonne reduction in CO2 emissions.

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identibank Logo


Linking people, providers and producers.
identibank develops communication technologies that link people, providers and producers. The identibank identification platform is adaptive and can be used across all industries and sectors, linking producers of products & services with their end-users, allowing for two-way communication, information sharing and feedback to be completed like never before. With identibank, products can be monitored through the entire product lifecycle.

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LRV Tags Logo

LRV Tags

Long Range Visual Tags
LRV tags are providing the unique capability for tagging, tracking, calibrating and recognising objects with an unprecedented level of performance. The robustness over long-range, ability to detect multiple targets, instant response time, as well as tolerance to motion and lighting, are facilitating a new level of immersive experience between cameras and the environment. LRV Tag technology is offered on PC and mobile hardware (iOS/Android).

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Moneysoft Logo


Cloud-based, secure personal financial management software
So you know how managing your personal finances is hard with info all over the place, bank statements, excel the list goes on, let alone time you never have. We at Moneysoft help you take control over your finances simply and securely syncing your data from your banks and delivering your info into one consolidated screen. So bye bye manual entry, hello auto categorisation and welcome smart budgeting and reporting. Loved by many and used by advisers as a client productivity and retention tool, we're thriving in two avenues with one awesome application. Moneysoft, take control and understand where your money is going.

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NewsMaven Logo


Content recommendation engine
NewsMaven is a content recommendation engine that drives deeper engagement, decreases bounce rates & increases page views for your site. We provide recommendations on what to read next using a sophisticated set of algorithms that allows us to predict what a media consumer would be interested in reading and provide these recommendations on web-sites to keep our customers audience engaged for longer.

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QFire Software Logo

QFire Software

QFire Fixes Data
QFire helps you understand, collect, validate, protect and monitor your data lowering the complexity of managing data quality. With the ability to run as an on-premise or hosted solution, the technology offers intuitive interfaces to rapidly build, test and enforce data validation so that the party who provides information is able to manage and enforce rules about that information. Built by business users for business users QFire delivers a simple, scalable solution deployable in under a day.

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RedEye Logo


Cloud based engineering drawing management solution
We have developed a cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for engineering drawing collaboration and management for the enterprise market called RedEye. RedEye is used by Asset Owners, Engineering Companies, Construction Companies, and Equipment Manufactures in the Mining, Oil & Gas, Engineering, Construction, Utilities and Government sectors. RedEye is the first SaaS Cloud Based Engineering Drawing Management Solution designed specifically for our target markets. Redeye helps company's store, work with, share, print, mark-up, re-draft, approve and manage their engineering drawings. We reduce the cost of working with engineering drawings by 70% and project costs by 6% which offers a huge productivity improvement to anyone that works with engineering drawings.

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RightPrism Logo


Requirement visualisation, authoring & collaboration tool
RightPrism is a cloud-based requirement visualisation, authoring & collaboration tool for Business Analysts and Product Owners, which they can use in the "Requirements Development" phase to create Vision-Board, Animated Storyboards, Transitions, Process Info-graphics, Business Rule decision tables and map each of these to each other and publish it to the Stakeholders and receive their on-canvas annotated Feedback. With RightPrism, Business Analysts can graphically record Stakeholder conversations, quickly author process flows, mock-ups, business rules and notes without having to wordsmith paragraphs so they can iterate fast and produce Visual Requirements so Stakeholders can easily understand, spot gaps and provide better quality feedback.

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SnapDisco Logo


Automatic photo clipping and image enhancement
SnapDisco provides fast, efficient tools for professional-quality digital image editing. Our software analyses photographs to determine which regions are foreground (the parts you care about) versus background. The image can then be selectively enhanced, or the foreground "path-clipped" out so that it can inserted into other images or layouts. In most cases this entire process is completely automatic, or requires minimal user interaction to indicate objects of interest in a cluttered scene. SnapDisco makes image editing more efficient for experienced professionals, and makes high-quality image editing accessible for the first time to less experienced users.

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Whispa Logo


Bringing together social media and songwriting
Whispa is a social media platform that allows musician, composers to collaborate, co-produce and share music. We automate the collaboration process via our website allowing our users to focus on what they are great at making the best music possible. We offer two subscription options one free and one paid that have different levels of access and functionality. Our vision for our company is to become the 'go to' community and site for music creators worldwide.

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White Label Personal Clouds Logo

White Label Personal Clouds

Say goodbye to usernames and passwords
WLPC is a spinoff venture from the Australian identity verification solution provider Edentiti, whose GreenID product is used by many of Australia's best known firms. Building upon many years experience identifying people, WLPC takes this further to let an individual utilise their identity to enjoy a richer, more personalised web experience. WLPC's first product is Website Welcomer that removes the need for websites to have usernames and passwords. A similar solution is under development for simplifying identification within call centres and to enable a seamless transition between channels for sales and support.

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