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208 Software Pty Ltd

Online software for Personal Trainers

The Trackster is online software to help Personal Trainers communicate with and motivate their clients. It is a subscription based tool that allows PT's to organise their business including; invoicing; marketing; communicating with clients; organising sessions and keeping track of their clients' progress. The Trackster also allows the PT's clients to log in and keep track of their own progress and also communicate with their PT. Currently most trainers use ad hoc methods of organising their business and financials and The Trackster gives them a simple tool to do all this online.


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360desktop Pty Ltd

A 360° web enabled desktop

360desktop is a consumer media platform that brings the web and the desktop together, as a 360° web enabled desktop. Giving almost unlimited desktop space, and interactive 360° wallpaper you create and share, users can now can now grab their favourite web content, widgets and web apps from across the web and put it right on their desktop to use anytime. As a social desktop, 360desktop is the ultimate in engagement advertising, allowing Publishers and Brand Advertisers to engage with their target audience in a more contextual, entertaining and less intrusive way.


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Manufactures world's best green noise barrier

Acoustica is commercialising a Revolutionary 1 mm thick organic Visco-elastic Membrane, Quietwave®. When captive between two, rigid construction boards such as Plasterboard, the Quietwave® wall system has the highest AAAC 6 Star Acoustic Performance rating of any dry wall system. It replaces up to 40kg/M2 of plasterboard and achieves more Sound Transmission Loss (STL) than any other dry wall system with a saving of 30-50% in dry wall thickness. This is the first major change in acoustic plasterboard for over 100 years! The Market Potential and Environmental Benefits of Quietwave® are huge!


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Angusta Systems Pty Limited

Next generation analytics for cash logistics cost reduction

Moving large amounts of cash - notes and coins - around the market between a network of ATMs, bank branches, retail stores, or cash centres with security at every step is costly, inefficient, and risky. Angusta's software solution Consensio, is the analytical layer that solves this unique problem of circular logistics for cash - by coordinating and reducing excess cash movement whilst designed to be highly focussed on cost reduction. It is the world's first to integrate for the end-to-end cash cycle supply chain -- from ATMs, Recycler Machines, Bank Branches, Retailers, Cash Centres, to Cash in Transit Carriers. Launched in March 2009, the underlying forecasting and optimisation engine searches through trillions of possible combinations to schedule cash to be at the right denomination, right amount, right time, and at the right place. Consensio has shown real cost savings results of 10-20%, while increasing the performance of cash availability.


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Argus Solutions

Creator/designer of biometric software applications

Argus Solutions specialises in providing identity management applications and solutions. Argus products are structured on patents recognised around the world, are built with a range of identity management technologies in mind, ranging from top end biometric solutions such as iris recognition, DNA matching, face recognition technologies through to proximity and contact cards. Some of the largest biometric applications in Australia are delivered and supported by Argus Solutions. These include prisons, hospitals, federal government departments, private institutions, mining companies, law enforcement authorities and banks. Argus uniquely solves the problem of identifying people in real time, across multiple locations using different biometric systems.


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Messaging platform provider

Atmail develops Webmail and Email-server platforms for ISPs, Education and SMB users - Using Linux, Open source, Web2.0 and cutting edge user-interfaces. Atmail are a niche leader in the email communication space. The company develops a software solution for Linux, and provide an appliance solution.


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Aura Interactive Pty Ltd

Award winning mobile solutions provider

AURA has gained global recognition as one of the pioneers of interactive out-of-home media and Bluetooth proximity marketing. AURA focusses on developing mobile location-based services and deploying interactive outdoor advertising campaigns and interactive event-based promotions. Its flag-ship product, the BlueZone® network, is an IP-based network of Bluetooth hotspots (500+ locations) located in shopping centres, airports, cinemas and visitor attractions providing consumers with instant access to location-based information and rich mobile content via Bluetooth/Wi-fi/3G using their mobile phone or PDA. BlueZones® provide the retailers/brands/advertisers with an instant and real-time measure of the level of consumer engagement their content/advertising is receiving and enables them to also drive and track detected mobile devices from media to the point of sale.


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Azure Energy

7 types of energy from solar

Azure Energy will produce what is called the ALI system. The ALI system is being engineered to pay itself off in 10 years without government support. The systems uses 5 energy conversion technologies and 2 energy storage technologies to provide 7 types of usable energy, all from solar energy, in all weather conditions, night and day.

The company was founded by Jason Hopkins who has 10 years previous experience in Photovoltaic (PV) panel new product development. The new product does not use PV panels.


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BigTinCan Pty Ltd

Global smartphone world leader, 800,000+ active users!

BigTinCan helps people to Stay Mobile, do more and save money, on their smartphones. The calls and messages platform save people up to 80% on the cost of their mobile calls and messages, and the BuzzMe platform allows people to control how their smartphone rings and vibrates, and lets them make money by sharing their content. BigTinCan's goal is to extend its service offering to include business applications that control incoming call flow to a smartphone, and allow businesses to "ditch the PBX".


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Booking Angel

Easy online reservations for service businesses

Most small businesses cannot quickly respond to online appointment requests or reservations. Booking Angel takes reservations from customers on the Internet, phones them through to the business and allows them to instantly confirm the reservation using its proprietary speech platform and just their telephone. Now every business in the world can instantly confirm online reservations and appointments. No special equipment required!


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Web & social media analytics

BuzzNumbers enables companies and brands to track, monitor and leverage business intelligence from the explosion of online conversations about their products, services, people and competitors. BuzzNumbers provides an Enterprise SaaS solution and has customers including Energy Australia, Carat and Telstra. The company was founded in 2007 in Sydney Australia.


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Culture Amp Pty Ltd

People development software

Culture Amp's targets are the leaders of organisations with 20-500 people who see culture as a competitive advantage. As they grow it gets increasingly difficult to keep the strategy and the culture clear. They need a "cultural amplifier". Culture Amp develop People Development software through a SaaS model that replaces survey driven HR tools, such as 360 feedback for a fraction of the hard cost of replacing just one person.

Culture Amp's first product is 'Amplify', a web based tool to enable people in an organisation to provide immediate, continuous feedback to the people they work with.


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Rich media production and management platform

The GLU Platform is the next generation rich media production and management platform. Unique in the marketplace, the GLU Platform provides the most comprehensive and integrated end-to-end solution for rich media production and management within a SaaS model.

The GLU Platform consists of pre-built components, a flexible development framework, an online management system and scalable infrastructure including cloud computing, real-time media encoding and a global storage delivery network.

The GLU Platform meets the market's need for greater control of rich media projects, empowering designers and developers through to producers and clients, providing a seamless, end-to-end, rich media solution.

www.ddx.com.au and www.glu.com.au

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Evanscorp Pty Limited

Boutique enterprise ISV

Evanscorp's flagship product is Remunerate, an Enterprise Compensation Management solution. Remunerate is used nationally and globally to implement the salary and incentive review activities of medium to large enterprises. These organisations have tailored, complex remuneration strategies that influence the distribution of millions of dollars every year.

Remunerate is configured by customers, without any need for customisation of the application code, to facilitate the review of employees and optimal distribution of discretionary remuneration spend in line with organisation policies.

With all of the power and flexibility of a spreadsheet delivered online, this feature alone makes Remunerate unique in this niche worldwide.


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Evidence Technology

Specialist providers of integrated courtroom technology

Evidence Technology helps clients in the law and justice sectors, police, corrective services and special investigations operations to manage the accessibility and delivery of justice through enabling technology.

Evidence Technology's solutions aim to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of data management within the evidence value chain. This includes; advanced court; interview and meeting room commissioning; telepresence and integrated audio visual solutions; and, provisioning of value added services such as; real time monitoring; biometrics; data mining and electronic discovery SaaS offerings.

Evidence Technology has helped Australia to become an international leader in integrated courtroom technology and continues to provide innovative solutions and technological advances - for a just digital world.


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expanz Pty Ltd

SaaS enabled application platform - 'SEAP'

Beyond the Browser expanz' 'easyServerARCHITECTURE' (ESA) is a model driven, multi device, multi tenanted software platform that simplifies and accelerates the custom development of SaaS applications that are delivered inside and outside the internet browser.

ESA was recently chosen as the platform upon which to completely rebuild the voting system that decides the State Elections in NSW. It was conservatively estimated that ESA would turn a 2100 man day project into 1500 days.

ESA enables rapid development of RIA/Mobile/Full Client/Cross-Device Applications that deliver a Desktop user experience On-Demand.


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Save water, change the world

Forecast and Automated Resource Management System (FAARMS), enables farmers to conserve water, reduce costs and improve crop yield. The system gathers telemetry data from sensors in the field (soil moisture etc), as well as BoM forecast data. Then it automates the exact amount of water needed for a specific crop, at a specific lifecycle stage. With instrumentation of the water resources, the system can make intelligent decisions about which source to deploy to which crop, and provide trending information, which can be used to make effective decisions about harvesting, or acquiring water from elsewhere, or even selling water to other farmers.


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FnF Group Pty Ltd. - trading as Pebble Park

World largest online "Hub" for teenagers

The ideal online world for youngsters; approved by all stake holders i.e. parents, schools, the government. Pebble Park addresses youth issues while cultivating their leadership and personal responsibility.

With Pebble Park's patented delivery mechanism, the web site can acquire 100+ million unique users in a matter of months and be the dominant global teenager's choice platform in less than 2 years. This will be the centralised safe hub for teens and a massive opportunity for online marketing revenue. The market size of online advertising is over $3bn and has been growing in double digit rates since the year 2000.

www.pebblepark.org and www.pebblepark.org/pbl

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Australia's premier graduate jobs website

GradConnection provides Australian and New Zealand University student job hunters with a tool to connect them with the most relevant employers looking to recruit them. Currently there is no real online resource for employers or graduates to connect online in a meaningful way and GradConnection provides this service to both parties.

For graduates, GradConnection provides a research based job hunting platform, providing them with information about employers that was previously unavailable. For employers, GradConnection provides an easy way for them to utilise online attraction channels to recruit the best graduates for their organisations.


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GreenBizCheck provides online environmental certification

GreenBizCheck provides a fast, affordable, world-leading certification program scrutinised by universities, environmental agencies, governments and major corporations that maximises a company's green credentials with a 100% money back guarantee.

Companies are provided with an on-line assessment and report for current and proposed eco-actions. The assessment incorporate the following sections; Energy conservation, Water consumption reduction, Waste reduction, Transportation and travel, Supply chain sustainability, General environmental issues and Voluntary Carbon Compensation Program.

The company has adopted measures to significantly reduce energy, water & resource consumption and minimise waste.


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H2Oasis Energy Pty Ltd

Utilising solar desalinisation to produce bio-fuels

The 'ultiMAT' is capable of using saline water to provide water for irrigating plants. At the same time it holds the soil in place and captures rainfall - important factors in arresting desertification. The pure water generated can sustain plant growth on previously useless land. As populations grow and 'peak oil' kicks in, H2Oasis Energy (H2Oe) can open up new areas for both food and bio-fuel crops. H2Oe's designs can also provide safe drinking water - which is important since a child dies every 8 seconds from water borne disease.


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HEARD Systems Pty Ltd

Real-time any-time pregnancy diagnosis for cows

Reproductive efficiency is the key to farm profitability. Yet no pregnancy testing product has been available for farmers to use on their herds - until now. By simply placing a handheld HEARD device against the side of a cow, a farmer can test (and retest) individual cows or small groups on demand. Integrated RFID ear-tag readers enable e-data linkage. HEARD Systems have working field prototypes in operation, although these require further development, refinement, and large scale validation on commercial farms. In addition, the company has engaged with European agritech firms in co-developing the technology for robotic milking systems.


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Hiive Systems

Web-based client & service tracking software for Professionals

Hiive Systems has developed Affinity, a web-based client and service tracking package, specifically designed for the needs of professionals working in service-based organisations. With a focus on ease of use, automation and harnessing social drivers, Hiive's applications are used by companies from small IT shops through to government departments and ASX listed organisations. Hiive's products help service professionals and their managers to keep track of the work they are doing, reducing WIP meetings and providing a single, integrated platform for client correspondence, such as tracking all emails in and out of the organisation. With clients ranging from small businesses through to large organisations like the NSW Department of Planning and the ASX listed DEXUS Property Group, Hiive Systems is a start-up, but with clients and revenue.


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Ino8 Pty Ltd

Commercialising clean and affordable automotive technologies

Ino8 are developing a new generation of ultra efficient vehicles, a cross-over between scooter and car that combines the best of both worlds: low cost, easy parking and fun of a scooter with the safety, comfort and luggage space of a car. The key feature is Ino8's SafeRide technology that controls the tilting of narrow and unstable vehicles like electric bicycles, scooters and motorcycles to make them much safer. Other technologies that Ino8 is commercialising improve the fuel economy of passenger cars at a very attractive cost/value ratio of $20 per 1% fuel economy improvement.


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Make call centres fast and flexible

IPscape makes call centres dynamic with an innovative Cloud based architecture and SaaS model. It is solving the pain points of operating 100 seat call centres including: Scalability - growing or downsizing as needed and pay for what you use - makes ICT opex, not capex; DIY in-life service - DIY and save money on professional services; add new agents, script & set up new campaigns, enable home workers, change workflow etc; speed of deployment - access the service in minutes over the web; burst bandwidth to manage call volume peaks - powerful & unique capability to access telco capacity when needed.


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Just OnePlace Pty Ltd

Provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) & workflow solutions

The Just One Place mission is to be an Industry leader in the provision of end-to-end collaborative software solutions that allow organisations of any size to track their products through the full lifecycle process (from initial concept/design through to end production). Implementation of this software allows organisations to improve speed to market by up to 30% by improving collaboration throughout the process. This is the critical success factor which drives the sale of the product. An important by-product is the increase in transparency and the necessary discipline imposed on the processing with full web access. All of these provide the ability for quick reaction to changes in the market place.


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Lockstep Technologies Pty Ltd

Digital identity innovator and privacy champion

Lockstep Technologies is a privately owned specialist cyber security firm which undertakes innovative and disruptive R&D in identity theft, privacy, Card Not Present fraud and online social networking safety. For a small business, Lockstep Technologies have a uniquely strong patent portfolio. Lockstep Technologies' flagship solution "Stepwise" uses smart ID devices to combat online identity theft. They are the first to fully exploit advanced cryptography built into Chip-and-PIN cards, to stop replay attack and online CNP fraud. Stepwise eliminates the collection of extraneous personal information; it can turn the tide in Internet privacy, defuse the ID black market, and radically improve customer convenience.


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Myzerr Pty Limited

Social network discounts: search, save, share

Myzerr.com is the social network for business to promote discounts to consumers and membership groups. Myzerr.com has a platform for business to promote special rates to users and groups at no charge. The business will benefit from free and targeted promotions that they will be able to manage.

Myzerr.com provides a destination to search for discounts on lifestyle products and services and also has a focus on local search and content. Myzerr.com uses permission based matching.

Myzerr.com provides social network groups with tools to; manage discounts for their members; invite business to give discounts to members and manage access. Myzerr.com is the social media business model for coupon industry.


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Payment Adviser Pty Ltd

Next generation ecommerce solution provider

The Problem: Existing payment clearance systems require transaction information (remittance advice) to be sent separate to a payment. Payment Adviser removes the need to reconcile electronic payments as it enables an electronic payment to be accurately and seamlessly integrated to its corresponding information (remittance advice) via any bank or card account without the need to change existing banking systems.

Payment Adviser supports simple transactions and complex transactions (e.g. linking a promotion, order, invoice and payment together, financing factoring). Payment Advisor lowers the costs (including carbon credits) for banks, corporations and all other entities by removing paper, printing and postage from invoicing and payment processes.


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Personal Audio Pty Ltd

Subscription web service to deliver extraordinary 3D audio for video games

Personal Audio has patented technology that is delivered as a subscription based web service (MyEarsTM) to the end-user PC, console of phone. Each person's hearing profile is unique, like a fingerprint, Personal Audio individualise the listeners audio profile, enabling a unique audio experience for each listener that provides for high impact and high fidelity 3D audio. Spatial listening provides orientation, awareness, solves the cocktail party problem, immersion & presence. Headphones don't support natural 3D listening - players who subscribe to MyEars are at a competitive advantage and less fatigued and totally immersed.


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Digital image management company monetising imagery

PhotoArtGallery.com is an online digital marketing enterprise that capitalises on monetising opportunities for consumers and corporate customers in the digital imagery space, a massive and growing global market that few have managed to monetise.

For Consumers PhotoArtGallery.com provides a destination that specialises in the displaying, hosting, marketing and selling of digital imagery and related merchandise to consumers and enthusiast photographers via our two related portals www.photoartgallery.com and www.photoartcentre.com.

For Corporate customers, PhotoArtGallery.com is using a unique suite of technology to allow them to harness the medium of Digital Photography via the SAS photographics module.

PhotoArtGallery.com has developed a highly sophisticated suite of custom software applications to fulfil its niche as a unique manager of quality digital assets and databases.


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Posse holdings Pty Ltd

Peer to peer retailer website

Posse is an online platform that enables music fans to recommend gigs to their friends and earn a commission from any ticket sales. Simply put, Posse empowers music fans to promote their favourite bands online and rewards them for doing so.

It's Amway for Gen Y, and solves the program of monetising social networking sites. The model also works for sports tickets, merchandising, gaming and a host of other services and products.


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We make print interactive

Print media is static and one-way. QMCodes' interactive print platform allows rich media such as video content like a movie trailer to be accessed on a mobile directly from the poster. This enables advertising and print media to become distribution points for digital content.


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Red Lizard Software

Higher quality software to market faster

Software Bugs Hurt. The Later You Find Them, the Greater the Pain. Goanna, from Red Lizard Software is a fast and precise static code analysis solution that detects bugs and other software vulnerabilities automatically at development time, like a spell checker, saving developers' money and helping keep product launch timetables on track.

Goanna combines the technologies of static analysis and model checking creating a unique analysis solution. The analysis is performed quickly, often in a matter of seconds, does not require test cases or even fully developed code, reports bugs precisely and has one unique goal: Bringing higher quality software to market faster.


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Regional Media Networks

We're the civic centre for rural Australia

Rural and regional Australia have been ignored by the major publishers. Rural communities have a unique set of needs based on their population and their isolation. These needs are not well catered for by local search businesses mainly focussed on metropolitan areas. Regional Media Networks aims to be the civic centre for the internet age - delivering services to business, community groups, sporting clubs and individuals. Regional Media Network are currently in Australia but plan to roll out to rural and regional communities in the USA.


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Saasu Pty Ltd

Online accounting software for small business

Saasu.com is a comprehensive online accounting system for managing business financials. Saasu has capabilities in sales, purchasing, inventory, payroll, e-commerce, CRM and document and workflow management. Saasu's strong API enables connection to hundreds of web applications, software products, payment services and banks. Saasu supports many countries and tax zones all from your web browser as either a free or paid subscription.


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Create and share 3D virtual worlds

Simmersion's product - Myocosm allows you to create your own unique world and then share it with the community online, play games, share media, talk with friends and make money. Building your unique high-fidelity 3D virtual world with Myocosm and sharing it online is easy and intuitive. You control your world, the content in it and who has access. With Myocosm you can make money through selling your content through the Myocosm marketplace. Myocosm uses its own 3D engine, powerful enough to attract even the most discerning 3D artist. If you are looking for a flexible, easy to use, high-fidelity 3D virtual world platform for commercial use - Myocosm is the answer.


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Asset and maintenance management technology company

Smartpath develops Loc8, an award-winning cloud-based asset, maintenance, helpdesk and workforce management application suite.

Loc8 helps companies gain a consolidated view of assets, manage field service staff, meet statutory reporting and compliance requirements, mitigate risk, manage in-house and outsourced maintenance activities while streamlining operations and reducing costs.

Phase one of the lifecycle has seen Smartpath build a robust, enterprise-grade solution based on Adobe technologies, and establish a commendable customer base while maintaining profitability. Smartpath are now in an expansion phase looking to aggressively grow their domestic and international partner network and cement Loc8 as the industry standard operational management platform.


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Web app for tagging, navigating video

People use Del.icio.us to bookmark and describe (or 'tag') webpages. Tagmotion does the same with video including video segments, and with Tagmotion the tags are arranged as a browsable tree structure (patent pending). Tagmotion allows the user to click one or more tags to generate search results. Tagmotion generates advertising revenue around search results and video views.

And a tag tree can be embedded into a website or social network to make video more discoverable. The tags in this 'tag tree' can be written as headlines to engage readers. This makes building the 'tag tree' a creative exercise, and Tagmotion a tool for self-expression.


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Keep up-to-date and stay ahead of the game

We all have to keep up-to-date to earn a living. Yet staying abreast of our industry, markets, company, customers, competitors and prospective clients is hard work. You have to sift through newspapers, industry journals, web sites and Google searches to find what's relevant to me. Most people just don't do it.

Now it's easy. As topikality does the hard work for you. It learns the topics you're into and - just as importantly - what sort of articles you like. Then, continuously researches the internet for articles that match your preferences and delivers a handful each day. topikality is available to individuals by subscription. The continuous research engine can be licensed to online publishers and corporations.


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TrustDefender (Symbiotic Technologies Pty Ltd)

Real-time transaction-security research & development company

TrustDefender is a revolutionary online-transaction security technology designed to protect the user at the most vulnerable time - when transacting online, accessing their bank account, paying bills, making a purchase or before submitting their identity, passwords, one-time-authentication code, account numbers, credit-card details and other personal or confidential information into a website plus keep you secure for the period of the transaction.

TrustDefender allows the enterprise, for the first time ever, to see the security health of their customer base (firewall, malware or anti-virus status) and set policies as they login to mitigate any malicious software stealing customer information in real-time.


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vCirrus Pty Ltd

Elastic cloud computing and storage services

vCirrus designs and builds elastic cloud computing and cloud storage environments. This includes public clouds (consumer facing, automated, massively scalable), private clouds (secure, enterprise, semi-automatic, scalable within budgets) or hybrid clouds (private cloud that bursts out to the public cloud). Cloud technologies use virtualisation to allow businesses to pay (OpEx) only for services they consume and scale-out rapidly without heavy CapEx or large IT departments. vCirrus provides a turn-key solution including hardware (servers, networking, storage, security), software (hypervisor, management, monitoring, security, billing), white-labelling and financing.


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Video technology, data and metrics services

Vquence understands online video in all of its aspects. Vquence can help plan, produce, publish and measure video online. Vquence has proprietary technology to track and report on online video campaigns, particularly across social video networks.


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WhoCanDo Pty Ltd

Online quotation service for trades & services

WhoCanDo is an online quotation service that allows users to find the right tradesman or service provider for the job.

Looking for a tradesman or service provider? Need a painter, cleaner, bookkeeper, removalist, or builder? Simply post your job online at WhoCando, then sit back and watch as our registered suppliers bid on your job. Compare each bidder's quote, user feedback, and qualifications, and select the one you like best. It's as simple as that, and it's obligation free.

There are more than 17,000 tradesmen on WhoCanDo, adding 150 each day.


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Wotnews Pty Ltd - We Are Hunted

New music discovery

We Are Hunted - is the music chart for the digital generation, tracking the 99 most popular songs online each day. By combining activity on blogs, social networks, forums, Twitter and P2P networks, We Are Hunted accesses musical trends that traditional charts cannot. As consumers move away from physical CDs and start searching, finding and buying music online, trend-spotting charts like We Are Hunted provide an increasingly accurate reflection of sentiment and popularity among music fans. Wearehunted.com is driven by the same technology powering Wotnews.com.au and also license technology to enterprise clients such as macquarie.com.au/edge.


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Yardhurst. Pty Ltd

Next generation GPS machine guidance systems

The new GPS machine control industry was valued at $2.4 billion in 2007, growing to $11 billion by 2013. The next generation will combine smart applications and data management tools directly through the internet, "the procedure of earthworks". Yarhurst develops those tools. Built on 3D GPS technology, expansion into applications and services delivered through the internet will allow a business model that can be delivered on a worldwide basis.

In the longer term the Yardhurst business model will support the management of robotic machine control. Mining companies are presently looking towards robotic earthmoving equipment to reduce cost, remove humans from hazardous environments and place machines in remote locations.

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