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Congratulations to Posse for winning the People's Vote for Best Tech23 Company and to We Are Hunted who won the People's Vote for the Best of Innovation Island Award.

Prizes include: Angusta Systems who won a meeting with senior executives from Southern Cross Ventures due to Angusta's global potential. DDX.com.au won a meeting with Innovation Capital. HEARD Systems won $250 cash for the "most interesting non-web idea" by Blue Cove Ventures. IPscape won $1,500 in cash and a presentation to key contacts within AMP acknowledging IPscape's fast-moving potential. Personal Audio was awarded a leadership development prize by Fortune Group. Personal Audio has won a day consulting with Ric Richardson. Atlassian is giving Rebekah Campbell from Posse a case of beer for Tech23's "best presentation". Posse also won $250 cash for the "most interesting idea" by Blue Cove Ventures. And Posse was awarded a leadership development prize by Fortune Group. QMCODES has won a lunch hosted by Starfish Ventures. Red Lizard Software was awarded a place in the two month "Gateway to the US program" by ANZA Technology Network. We Are Hunted won a $500 cash award for "best presentation" by Blue Cove Ventures. We Are Hunted won a meeting with CM Capital. We Are Hunted won a meeting with key contacts at News Digital Media. And We Are Hunted was awarded a leadership development prize by Fortune Group. HEARD Systems is to receive a bottle of Veuve for being Rachel Slattery's favourite company!

I would like to give a very warm thanks to all the companies who have generously contributed to the success of Tech23 in 2009. Bring on Tech23 2010!

Best wishes,

Tech23 - Panel 1: Consumer Web
Panel 1: Consumer Web - Myzerr Slade Sherman - CEO & Founder; PhotoArtGallery.com Andrew Coppin - Founder & CEO; Posse holdings Rebekah Campbell - CEO; Regional Media Networks Simon van Wyk - Managing Director

Tech23 - Tuesday 27th October, 2009

Tech23 - Panel 6: SaaS/In the Cloud
Panel 6: SaaS/In the Cloud - Angusta Systems Winston Chen - Chief Executive Officer; IPscape Simon Burke - Managing Director; Simmersion Bob Quodling - CEO; Tagmotion Andrew Simms - Founder

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"...an outstanding event. We have learnt much, opened new networks and caught up with key influencers..."
- Simon Burke

"I thought the format was excellent and I got a lot of value out of listening to the panels and other presenters".
- Andrew Coppin

"From my perspective, thank you very much for the opportunity to present a bit of the Hiive story on such an illustrious platform. We've received more constructive feedback in a day than we've received in 6 months, and we'll be working hard over coming days, weeks and months to make the most of it."
- Geoff McQueen
Hiive Systems

"The format worked brilliantly...I made some great contacts, learned plenty, and came away with a bit of inspiration to boot."
- Stephen Young

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