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Tech23 2010 will offer a host of exciting prizes from both our government and corporate sponsors.

The Innovation Pathways Tech23 2010 Prizes, sponsored by the Industry & Investment NSW, offers $150,000 in prizes to the best of our Tech23 companies to be used specifically to accelerate their growth.

We also have a range of fantastic supporter prizes to be awarded to our Tech23 companies.

AIMIA logo
Meeting with AIMIA Board

» Awarded to Punchcard

Roger Allen photo
Meeting with Roger Allen, Allen & Buckeridge

» Awarded to Aviator Controls

AMP logo
Meeting with AMP & $1,500

» Awarded to Neural Diagnostics

ANZA Tech logo
Place in the Gateway to the US workshop

» Awarded to Aviator Controls

Bill Bartee photo
Meeting with Bill Bartee, Southern Cross Venture Partners

» Awarded to Platform46

Industry & Investment NSW logo
Innovation Pathways - Broadband Innovation Award

» Awarded to iCetana

Domenic Carosa photo
Meeting with Domenic Carosa, dominet

» Awarded to BiNu

Dale McCarthy photo
Meeting with Fairfax Digital

» Awarded to PunchCard

Industry & Investment NSW logo
Innovation Pathways - Community Contribution Award

» Awarded to Solar-Gem

Scott Farquhar photo
Lunch with Scott Farquhar, Co-founder & CEO, Atlassian

Industry & Investment NSW logo
Innovation Pathways - Greatest Potential Award

» Awarded to BuildingIQ

Industry & Investment NSW logo
Innovation Pathways - Innovation Excellence Award

» Awarded to Marathon Robotics

Ryan Junee photo
Meeting with Ryan Junee

» Awarded to ReadCloud

Industry & Investment NSW logo
Innovation Pathways - Outstanding Collaboration Award

» Awarded to Taggle

Ric Richardson photo
Meeting with Ric Richardson

» Awarded to BiNu

David Spence photo
Meeting with David Spence

» Awarded to Ceebron

Conrad Yiu photo
Lunch meeting with Conrad Yiu, News Digital Media

» Awarded to Cocoon Data

If you have a prize suggestion, please contact us at tech23@slatteryit.com.au.

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