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Aviator Controls

Speaker » Leigh Angus, Acting-CEO

Harnessing the freedom of your mind

Aviator Controls logo Aviator develops, manufactures, and markets a reliable, easy to use, cost-effective hands-free control system. It is our mission to allow our users to free themselves with their minds. Our mission is achieved through innovative research and development, tapping into Australia's great university resources and intellect.

The short-term vision of Aviator over the next two years is to design and develop hands free control systems for the disabled. Second to that, we aim to enhance interactive gaming. The five year vision of Aviator is to establish itself as a recognised developer of hands-free control systems in the medical, disability, interactive gaming, neurofeedback and consumer marketing industries. Aviator has an export focus from inception and it is anticipated that within a five year period, significant success will be achieved in establishing sales channels into major markets in Western Europe and the US as well as minor markets across South America, Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific.


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biNu Pty Ltd

Speaker » Gour Lentell, CEO

Ultra-fast mobile internet applications

biNu logo Delivering effective internet services to mass market mobile phones faces some fundamental challenges: small devices, screens, keyboards, processing capacity plus the inefficiencies of wireless networking compared to wired.

biNu is a software platform designed to deliver really fast, easy to use, low cost cloud based internet services to lower-end mobile devices. biNu has a unique technical design that goes a step further in optimising mobile internet services than other available technologies, resulting in a user experience that's 3-5 times faster compared to the typical browsing experience, with average response times of 1-2 seconds compared to 8-20 seconds.

www.binu.net and www.binu.com

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Speaker » Dr Fang Chen

Helps Call Centres reduce turnover

BrainGauge logo In a highly competitive, commoditised industry - call centres - we help the operators to reduce their rocket-high turnover, therefore delivering profitability and a competitive edge. To maintain KPIs such as Full Time Employees (FTEs), operating costs will be largely decided by how much the turnover is. We offer an online test service allowing call centres to screen candidates through our patent-pending Cognitive Capability Assessment powered by voice analysis. BrainGauge has been operating in National ICT Australia in the past and is currently in the process of forming a new startup company.


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Speaker » Michael Zimmerman, CEO

Energy management software for commercial buildings

BuildingIQ logo BuildingIQ offers a revolutionary technology to reduce energy cost and emissions in commercial buildings. BuildingIQ's Energy Optimization System brings additional intelligence and value to virtually any new or existing commercial property, continuously optimizing the HVAC system to lower cost, increasing green building ratings such as NABERS, and maintaining or improving tenant comfort.

BuildingIQ is software only, does not require any new hardware or upgrades, and is sold on a no-capex, subscription basis.

BuildingIQ leverages over 15 man-years of building controls and thermal comfort research carried out by world-leading experts at the Energy Transformed Flagship Division of the CSIRO, Australia's national research organisation.


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Ceebron Pty Limited

Speaker » Don Richardson, CEO

Smart-Trace provides online coldchain performance transparency

Ceebron logo During distribution, perishables experience a great deal of thermal variability. This is directly linked to loss of freshness, waste, food born illness, poor customer relationships and disappointed consumers.

Ceebron's Smart-Trace solution is a way of making distribution performance transparent in real time and online for the benefit of all stakeholders, resulting in increased competitiveness of Australia's exports.

Ceebron is a private Australian R&D Company in process of moving into international commercialisation.


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Cocoon Data

Speaker » Trent Telford, Chairman & CEO

Simplifying & Revolutionising Secure File Transfer

Cocoon Data logo Created by Cocoon Data (2007), Secure Objects Technology is a Secure File Transfer system that simplifies the methodology of securing all types and sizes of private and sensitive electronic data.

With clients in Banking, Health and Defence, Cocoon Data assists with solving the growing issue of data leakage by protecting data in motion, data at rest and data in use.

We do this by:
* Allowing electronic files to be 'owned' by the sender - allowing a creator to revoke and change files & access post distribution & post opening
* Taking away the cumbersome management of keys from the user and allowing encryption to be done server side
* Separating the access keys, rights, identity and the data - a revolution in data security


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Speaker » Stephen Coulter, Founder & Managing Director

Global Direct Debit Payment Authority Hub

Controlabill logo Direct debit is the world's most efficient payment service but cumbersome for consumers and providers to establish, modify and manage. Bill payers typically complete and mail a paper authorisation form for each biller. The typical household has 20 bills per month. Billers must integrate customer information into their systems - costing around $20 per authority.

Controlabill's patent pending web 2.0 widget takes the pain out of direct payments: payments are established and modified from one hub in 20 seconds costing billers only $2. Controlabill's solution is a game-changer in a global market of many billions of authorities.


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Speaker » Ramin Marzbani, Director

Energy Reduction and Savings for PCs

Greentrac logo Event Zero® is the developer of Greentrac™, a multi-award winning, enterprise-class, PC energy consumption monitoring and environmental impact analysis platform. Greentrac allows organizations to quickly identify energy efficiencies, and empower and engage users in making changes which contribute to achieving sustainability outcomes.

Event Zero is an Australian based Independent Software Vendor (ISV). Founded in 2004, Event Zero produces an industry leading distributed real time data aggregation and analysis platform (Event Center) and a number of bespoke and vertical applications which are built on top of it including the Greentrac PC power management product.


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iCetana Pty Ltd

Speaker » Matthew Macfarlane, CEO

Video motion detection just got better!

iCetana logo iCetana is commercialising a unique mathematical algorithm developed by Curtin University researchers for the efficient identification of anomaly events in very large data-sets. Our video analytics application allows real-time reporting of unusual movement behaviour from surveillance cameras.

The software learns “normal behaviour” from a sample time period and then automatically identifies any “weird or exceptional” event in real-time. The software works with multiple video streams (40+ cameras per PC) and processes highly complex movement scenarios (train station platforms/crowded events).

Other video analytics systems rely on pre-defined coding of the expected anomalies, which will never cover all event possibilities.


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Marathon Robotics Pty Ltd

Speaker » Dr Alex Brooks, CEO

Robotic targets for live-fire military training

Marathon Robotics logo Marathon Robotics is the producer of the world's first smart target system for dynamic live-fire training. We address a key requirement of the Armed Forces - the improvement of moving marksmanship. Marathon's smart targets look, move and behave like real persons - their paths are unpredictable, and their human-like motion makes them challenging to hit. The Australian Defence Force has been using Marathon's targets since 2008. Marathon were recently selected for a Foreign Comparative Test with the USMC. Marathon's commercial objective is to become the market leader for live-fire smart targets.


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Neural Diagnostics Pty Ltd

Speaker » Dr Roger Edwards, CEO

Objective Brain Health Diagnostic in Realtime

Neural Diagnostics logo Neural Diagnostics is commercializing Monash University's Electrovestibulography, EVestG™ - the ECG for the Brain. EVestG holds the potential to transform the way in which one in four of the population are diagnosed, treated and monitored for brain-related illnesses in their lives.

After 2-years of trialing at the Alfred Hospital Melbourne, researchers continue discovering and validating proprietary objective biomarkers for Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Parkinson's and Depression. Results demonstrate that EVestG™ is a quick, simple, low-cost and radiation-free platform technology with >90% accuracy on measurement.

Manitoba University and two Texan Universities seek to commission our first international facilities to discover PTSD, Alzheimer and Dementia Biomarkers.


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Ocular Robotics Pty Ltd

Speaker » Mark Bishop, CEO

Ultra high speed optical scanning systems

Ocular Robotics logo Ocular Robotics' ultra high performance, two axis sensor pointing technology provides the capabilities required by even the most demanding of applications in many areas including the defence, robotics and resources sectors in a compact, reliable and robust package.

The patented technology at the heart of our systems enables them to meet performance levels that exceed by an order of magnitude or more, those of alternative sensor pointing technologies.

Ocular Robotics provides solutions across the many potential applications where current technologies do not meet dynamic and/or environmental performance requirements.


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Speaker » Tim Ayling, CEO

Real-time Notification and Collaboration Framework

Platform46 logo Platform46 Social Business Integrator (SBI) is an easy-to-use real-time notification and collaboration framework, integrating an organisation's enterprise applications with the employee's preferred communication device - whether that is the Intranet, mail client, or mobile device. SBI allows users to be notified in real-time of events they have subscribed to, and further collaborate around those events with their colleagues - anytime, anywhere. With a click of a button an employee can view a timeline of exactly what has happened with particular accounts, particular business units, particular projects, or particular employees.


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Speaker » Simon Goodrich, Managing Director

Bridging the gap between your wardrobe and the web

Portable logo Portable is a digital studio with offices in Melbourne and New York. In 2009, it developed Portable Shops, a solution for fashion designers to sell online. Portable saw the gap in the market for a software as a service for people in the fashion industry to host their own sites and sell online. Developed with this in mind, Portable Shops allows users to manage their inventory, upload look books as well as integrate their online sales tool into Facebook and inventory through mobile devices.

Portable Shops recently established a presence in New York and is working to grow a client base in the international home of fashion.


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Speaker » Jeremy Pollard, CEO

3D digital content creation for all

Punchcard logo Punchcard is commercialising VideoTrace, an innovative approach to 3D modelling. Developed through collaboration with the Australian Centre for Visual Technologies (ACVT), VideoTrace represents a giant step forward in the way that 3D models are created. It combines the benefits of automated and manual modelling to deliver speed while retaining control, and has resulted in three patent applications to date.

Demand for 3D digital content is massive and growing, but generating that content is difficult and time consuming. VideoTrace makes it fast and easy for both experts and novices to extract 3D models of objects from video. It can deliver productivity benefits NOW to 3D professionals across a wide range of multi-billion dollar industries. It is also a key enabler in the trend towards user-generated digital content, allowing NOVICES to generate 3D content for the first time ever and creating large new market opportunities.


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Speaker » Jeremy LeBard, Co-founder & CEO

Social collaborative multimedia ebook reading software

ReadCloud logo We have global interest in the ReadCloud solution, including agreements to trial ReadCloud with six leading private schools in Australia, and registrations of interest from schools including the Pennsylvania school system in the US and an International Baccalaureate school in Bangkok.


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Saber Astronautics Australia

Speaker » Dr. Jason Held, Director

Software development for spacecraft control

Saber Astronautics Australia logo Saber Astronautics Australia is a small research and development company founded by mixed professionals in space engineering, operations, systems, robotics, academia, and military. Our goal is to develop the potential of human-centric space operations by providing technology which makes space easier, safer, and more efficient to work in.

Our current research thrust is in reducing operating costs of ground station control using artificial intelligence, systems of systems engineering, and user interface approaches.


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Scalify Pty Ltd

Speaker » Steve Telburn, CEO

Low-cost networking for multiplayer online games

Scalify logo Scalify provides a peer-to-peer networking engine to the US$5B market for Massively Multiplayer Online games and virtual worlds (MMOs). The company's technology, developed by the NICTA R&D labs, provides dramatic improvements to the performance, scalability and operating costs of multi-player applications. The new start-up, led by experienced tech entrepreneurs, has just released a beta product and secured customers from the US and Europe.


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Scanalyse Pty Ltd

Speaker » Peter Clarke, CEO

Condition monitoring for mineral processing

Scanalyse logo Scanalyse is a mining services company which has developed proprietary software to extract information from 3D laser scans of the internal surfaces of large assets in mineral processing, e.g. grinding mills and crushers. This equipment is lined with wearing plates and their condition controls the performance of the machinery. The 10 million data points collected (compared to 15 or 20 collected manually) enables complete analysis of the wearing layers and accurate prediction of current and future performance, optimizing the scheduling of maintenance procedures. Manual entry into these dangerous spaces can be completely eliminated and internal breakages leading to catastrophic failures can be completely avoided. In the past 12 months 6 sites have been warned that failures would occur, saving $M's in lost production.


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Speaker » Khimji Vaghjiani, CEO

Energy to remote and rural communities

Solar-Gem logo Solar-Gem has developed a solar lighting and energy solution for remote/rural and poorer regions in the world who currently use kerosene worth approximately $50 billion, candles, and even wood to provide lighting. The Solar-Gem solution: can provide energy for lighting, charging a laptop and a mobile phone, as well as power for TVs and small appliances; is based on renewable solar-based technology; is ideal for use in homes, schools, community centres and in hospitals, and for temporary lighting in disaster zones.

Our aim is to ensure that communities have access to clean renewable energy which will improve the lives of people in accordance with the UN's Millennium Goals, and bring greater prosperity to people.


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SolveXia Pty Ltd

Speaker » James Simpson, Chief Information

Easy-to-use online process automation

Solvexia logo SolveXia delivers innovative web-based technology to automate manual, repetitive processes. The solution is simple to use and reduces the risks associated with cut 'n' paste activity. A culture shift occurs as report preparation time is cut by 90%, flow charts and documentation are automatically created and every detail of every change is automatically recorded. Managers are finally able to make decisions based on complete, visible, timely and accurate information. This is a uniquely incremental approach that accommodates disparate legacy systems, is ideal for change management and enjoys the power of cloud computing.

Save time, reduce errors, capture knowledge. SolveXia.


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Taggle Systems Pty Ltd

Speaker » Chris Andrews, CEO

Delivering the Internet of Things

Taggle Systems logo Taggle Systems provides a technology that revolutionises asset tracking and monitoring for everyday items. It allows users to keep tabs on items that require a small, low cost, long in-field life (>3 years) solution. The ability to deliver this differentiates Taggle from Wi-Fi (high network cost and complexity) or GPS (high unit cost and power requirement).

Initial solutions focus on * Remote agriculture monitoring - cattle, irrigation, tools. * Water consumption and quality - metering, salinity, depth. * Safety and environment monitoring.

A Taggle network allows a whole new class of asset to be internet enabled at low cost, reliably.


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VastPark Pty Ltd

Speaker » Bruce Joy, Founder & Chairman

Enterprise Virtual worlds / social network platform

VastPark logo VastPark is a virtual worlds and social network platform designed for enterprise and government. The software enables developers to create new training, remote meeting and collaboration applications for their customers. The unique benefit is the platform's flexibility, extensibility and security controls.

VastPark offers an open source virtual world solution including a client, server and related tools. VastPark makes its money by providing an Enterprise version that virtual world developers resell to their clients.

VastPark opened a US subsidiary at the beginning of 2010 and today its clients include Fortune 100 companies in aviation and healthcare and the US government.


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