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8.30am Registration
9.00am Welcome
9.10am Robotics and Space
  Marathon Robotics Pty Ltd
» Dr Alex Brooks - CEO

Ocular Robotics Pty Ltd
» Mark Bishop - CEO

Saber Astronautics Australia
» Dr. Jason Held - Director
Dr Ian Tuohy
» Space Systems Manager, BAE Systems Australia

Dr Paul C. Wong
» Founder, Applied Robotics and Apparel Robotics

Alex Zelinsky
» Group Executive Information Sciences, CSIRO

10.00am Needs of the Enterprise
» Dr Fang Chen

Cocoon Data
» Trent Telford - Chairman & CEO

» Stephen Coulter - Founder & Managing Director

Solvexia Pty Ltd
» James Simpson - Chief Information Officer

Roger Allen
» Director and Co-founder, Allen and Buckeridge

Fiona Balfour

Bill Bartee
» Managing Director, Southern Cross Ventures Partners

John Palfreyman
11.00am Morning Tea
11.30am Green
» Michael Zimmerman - CEO

Event Zero Pty Limited (Greentrac)
» Ramin Marzbani - Director

» Khimji Vaghjiani - CEO
Anthony Pascoe
» CEO, Lend Lease Ventures

Dr Michelle Deaker
» Managing, Director, OneVentures

John Dyson
» Investment Principal, Starfish Ventures
12.20pm Software
  iCetana Pty Ltd
» Matthew Macfarlane - CEO

» Tim Ayling - CEO

Scanalyse Pty Ltd
» Peter Clarke - CEO
Scott Farquhar
» Co-Founder & CEO, Atlassian

Martin Hosking
» Executive Chairman, RedBubble

Emmanuel Rodriguez
» Government CIO, NSW Department of Services, Technology and Administration
1.10pm Lunch
2.10pm Health and Education
  Aviator Controls
» Leigh Angus - Acting CEO

Neural Diagnostics Pty Ltd
» Dr Roger Edwards - CEO

» Jeremy LeBard - Co-founder & CEO
Westley Field
» Director of Online Learning, Manager of IT, Managing Director of Skoolaborate, MLC School, Sydney

Mark Pesce

Elaine Saunders
» Director of Industry Engagement for the College of Science, Engineering and Health, RMIT University

Brigitte Smith
» Managing Director, GBS Venture Partners

3.00pm Mobile/Wireless
  biNu Pty Ltd
» Gour Lentell - CEO

Ceebron Pty Limited
» Don Richardson - CEO

Taggle Systems Pty Ltd
» Chris Andrews - CEO
Chris Beare

Ric Richardson

Deepak Natarajan
»Managing Director, Intel Capital

Jonathan Withers

3.50pm Afternoon Tea
4.20pm Digital
» Simon Goodrich - Managing Director

» Jeremy Pollard - CEO

Scalify Pty Ltd
» Steve Telburn - CEO

VastPark Pty Ltd
» Bruce Joy - Founder & Chairman
David Gowdey
» Corporate Development, Head of International, Yahoo! Inc

Dale McCarthy
» Director - Corporate Development, Fairfax Digital

Ryan Junee
5.20pm Thank you
5.30pm Close
5.45pm Tech23 2010 Awards Presentation Event
Equilibrium Hotel, World Square

Please note the program is subject to change.

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